Wine festivals in Romantic Germany

Wine festivals in Romantic Germany

The wine festivals in the regions around Rhine and Moselle are a pure pleasure, as diverse as the grapes that are grown and pressed here. Streets, lanes and squares are decorated, garlands of leaves and coloured ribbons bedeck the wine stalls. The air is full of music and the scent of wine. Often, there are colourful processions through the villages to celebrate the pleasure of wine and its traditions. Wine festivals may culminate in the crowning of wine princesses, queens or even Bacchus, the god of wine.

Wurstmarkt - The world's greatest wine festival | Bad Dürkheim

It's one of the largest, most traditional and entertaining public festivals in Germany. It is over 570 years old, and still as young as ever - the Dürkheim festival of festivals - the main event of the year in the Pfalz. The entertainment along with the wine is one of the distinctive features of the festival. You can enjoy over 150 different wines in over 50 different places - from the mellow Riesling to the finest ice-wine. Wether in the large wine halls or at the traditional "Schubkärchler" - small traditional wine stands with scrubbed wooden tables worn smooth over the years - the Dürkheim wine loses none of its flavour wherever you drink it. Or if you prefer to enjoy a fine wine in a more tranquil and intimate atmosphere, the "Weindorf" - the wine village - is the place for you.

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Drinking without having to worry about alcohol limits - every driver's dream! No problem at the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt. the greatest wine festival in the world is in the heart of the Pfalz and is easy to get to by bus or rail from any direction - right round the clock! Although the Dürkheim wine is the center of attraction, the Wurstmarkt would be unthinkable without its travelling fairground - fun for the whole family. Another typical attraction of the Wurstmarkt is the dialect and the humour of the local people. The combination of wine and literature offered on the first Monday of the Wurstmarkt is highly recommended. Why not take time out between glasses to enjoy a short walk to the Michaelskapelle (St. Michael's Chapel) which sits on the Michaelsberg above the market. Up until the 15th century, pilgrims walked up the hill on St. Michael's Day and this is the origin of the Wurstmarkt festival.


Tradition and wine - two things which best express the affection for the Pfalz felt by its natives. As the local poet Karl Räder put it: "The Wurstmarkt is the only festival where you meet old friends you've never seen before". Come and see us. Be our Guest. Become one of our "old friends".

Hiking festival along the vineyards | Bad Sobernheim

Wine-trail Festival

Traditionally on the third Saturday of September we celebrate the wine-trail festival along the wine-trail from Bad Sobernheim via Nußbaum, Monzingen, Weiler until Martinstein. From Martinstein you have the opportunity to go back by train to the point from where you startet the tour. Along the wine-trail many local wine-growers present a large variety of wine and will give you detailed information about the different types of wine and the Nahe-region.

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Enjoy the beautiful sight for the Nahe-valley during your walk along the different wineyards. The wine-festival starts at 11 am in the morning and ends at 6 pm in the evening. You habe the opportunity to start and finish the tour at any place along the wine trail.

winefestival of middle-moselle | Bernkastel-Kues

Central Moselle wine festival
The Central Moselle wine festival is one of the major events in the region. Wine tasting evening, fireworks, winemaker procession, crowning of the Mosella: a visit to the wine festival promises a true Moselle-style atmosphere! Vibrant hospitality, world-famous wines and lively traditions: There is no better way to experience the Moselle atmosphere than at one of the best wine festivals in Germany! The attractions of the Central Moselle wine festival include the reception of the Mosella, the big fireworks festival and the magnificent wine festival parade. An extensive programme that includes live music, the Moselblümchen gathering and a wine tasting evening all contribute to making this wine festival a very special event.

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Wine tasting evening
The wine festival in Bernkastel-Kues starts with the wine tasting evening. From 5 pm on the "wine route", visitors have the chance to buy their favourite wines in small 5cl bottles, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the many different wines of the Central Moselle.

Photo: Dominik Ketz / Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH

Reception and crowning of the Mosella
For five days during the Central Moselle wine festival, the Mosella - the wine queen of the town - is holding the reins of the town. On Friday evening, the majesties are solemnly welcomed on the market square of Bernkastel.

Fireworks festival
The grand firework display takes place on Saturday outside the Landshut castle ruin and on the bank of the Moselle in Bernkastel. Visitors can marvel at this colourful lighting spectacle on both sides of the Moselle and from the bridge.

Wine festival parade
The big winemaker parade starts its 2.5 km tour on Sunday at 2 pm in the old town. The towns and villages of the Central Moselle as well as groups from abroad are represented in the parade with their most beautiful vehicles, marching bands and music groups.

Wine festival Monday
On Monday, the Central Moselle wine festival comes to a relaxed end. The "wine festival Monday" is particularly popular with many aficionados and locals. The wine festival hosts musical performances, and concerts in the evenings on the big stage on the market square and at Karlsbader Platz.

Big amusement park and arts and crafts market
An integral part of the Central Moselle wine festival: the big amusement park on the bank of the Moselle in Kues. The many rides and fairground stalls promise plenty of entertainment, fun and adventure. True to its name, the Family Day on Tuesday offers discounts on the rides. Throughout the festival, high-quality arts and crafts are on offer at the famous arts and crafts market next door.


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