10x Travel inspiration for the Czech Republic

These are the places to go in the Czech Republic

Looking for a destination with lots of beautiful nature and picturesque cities that are still relatively undiscovered. Then the Czech Republic is worth considering. This Central European country is less far than you might think and is easily accessible. After 900 kilometers or five quarters of an hour you are already there. Curious about what you can see and do in the Czech Republic. Be inspired by these top ten best destinations for this year.

1. Make a culinary journey in Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful European capitals. Strolling through the winding streets you can enjoy beautiful historic buildings, but did you know that Prague is also a foodwalhalla. In the city there are farmers’ markets, cozy bars, cozy lunchrooms, quaint cocktail bars and fancy restaurants. Sit at the table (or a beer bank) and taste one of the traditional Czech dishes or enjoy the international cuisine. Vegetarian? No problem. Prague is in the top 10 of most vegan-friendly cities in the world. It is recommended to do a food or beer tour. This way you get to places where you as a tourist would not come so quickly and you learn nice facts about the Czech (eat and drink) culture. If you have been to Prague before, discover the districts Vinohrady, Karlín and Holašovice. These neighborhoods are now completely hot, here too you can find enough culinary hotspots.

Photo: Lukas Zentel

2. Castles and sandstone rocks in Kokořinsko

Escape from the hustle and bustle of Prague and enjoy the peace and quiet in one of the many nature parks in the Czech Republic. The Kokořin nature park is only an hour’s drive from Prague. This rolling landscape with forests, crystal clear lakes, fairy-like ruins and sandstone rocks is ideal for a nice cycling or walking tour. The Kokořín Castle towers high above the woods. The castle with its cylindrical tower was considered one of the “cursed castles” and was often a refuge for robbers.

3. Enjoy an ultimate beer experience

The Czech Republic is the land of beer and you notice that. Czechs drink approx. 143 liters of beer per person, including children. They are in the first place of the biggest beer drinkers in the world! Beer is also called the liquid bread of the Czechs. In each restaurant you can get half a liter of lager, with the most famous brand Pilsner Urquel. This lager comes from the city of Pilsen, the place where the recipe for lager was created. You can visit the Pilsner Urquel brewery, but it is even more fun to immerse yourself in the barley. At various places in the Czech Republic you can do a beer spa. Relax in a bath full of deliciously warm beer with half a liter of beer in your hand. The ultimate wish of beer lovers!

Photo: David Marvan

4. Relive the renaissance in Český Krumlov

From 21 to 23 June, the South Bohemian town of Český Krumlov will be the setting for the annual Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations event. The city goes back to the time when the Rožmberk family was in charge. In every street and on every corner there are knights, historic markets, women in beautiful dresses and you hear medieval music. The highlight of the festival is the spectacular parade. During the parade, the Rožmberk family parade through the streets with knights on horseback and gracious court ladies.

5. Back to the Middle Ages in the silver city of Kutná Hora

On the same weekend, June 22nd and 23rd, another historic festival takes place in Kutná Hora. The Royal Silvering of Kutná Hora is a big event where the entire city is in medieval spheres, specifically the 15th century when the last Luxembourgish were on the bohemian throne. Kutná Hora was in those days after Prague the most important city because of the silver mine. Dozens of actors make the event a real spectacle, with the Bohemian King Václas IV with his wife Žofia of Bavaria being the most important people. The program includes theater performances, tournaments and you can taste special dishes from that time.

6. Discover the Bohemian Forest on foot

Fairytale forests, fairy-tale valleys and mysterious peat bogs. In the south of the Czech Republic lies the nature reserve Bohemian Forest or national park Šumava. It is the largest nature reserve in the Czech Republic and is a paradise for nature lovers. The low mountain range is one of the most wooded areas of Central Bohemia. Here you can enjoy the silence, fresh mountain air and the many hiking routes. In 2018 a new hiking trail has been opened, and for a large part it runs through the Bohemian Forest. The Zlatá Stezka, also known as Goldsteig, is a hiking route of no less than 600 kilometers and is connected to other hiking trails in the Czech Republic and Germany. This makes it possible to make beautiful one-day and multi-day trips.

Photo: Czech Tourism

7. Go and sniff culture in Olomouc

Thanks to its convenient location and the age-old university, the city of Olomouc has always been one of the most important cities in the Kingdom of Bohemia. Until 1640, Olomouc was the capital of Moravia, until Brno took this position. Whoever walks through the center can still experience the wealth. The historic heart of Olomouc is on the World Heritage List and after Prague is the second most important monument zone in the Czech Republic. The column of the Holy Trinity is the most famous monument, but also the St. Wenceslas Cathedral and the pilgrimage site Svatý Kopeček are worth a visit. In addition to beautiful baroque and Gothic monuments, there are cozy breweries, wine bars and restaurants in the city. What you absolutely must taste is the stinkkaas tvarůžky, a local specialty.

8. Travel along the Iron Curtain

This year is thirty years since the Iron Curtain fell. For more than forty years the border of the Czech Republic was heavily guarded. Nowadays you can easily cross the border and there is even a cycle route that follows the former border. The eurovelo 13 is an international cycle route that runs along the former border. Due to the years of absence of human activities, untouched nature reserves have been created along the border, such as the Bohemian Canada nature reserve and Podevyjí NP in the Czech Republic. In some places you can see remnants of the past. In Bučina in South Bohemia and in Čížov in South Moravia there is a replica of the Iron Curtain.

Photo: Czech Tourism

9. Encourage racers in Brno

The largest and most prestigious motor event will be held at the Automodrom Circuit in Brno at the beginning of August. The Brno Grand Prix (2-4 August) is part of the Road Racing Motorcycle World Championships (MotoGP). It attracts a quarter of a million fans from around the world every year. This event has been organized since 1950. You can combine the event with a city break Brno. Visit castle Špilberk, the underground tunnels, the bizarre ossuary, dive into a bunker for a beer or let yourself be surprised in one of the cocktail bars.

10. Celebrate the wine season

September is the month of the vintage, this is accompanied by cozy wine festivals. The wine flows abundantly, especially in the South Moravia region. It is the wine region of the Czech Republic. Every weekend in September there is a wine festival somewhere here. You can go to the wine festival Znojmo Historical Vintage (13-15 September), where there is a historic parade, or visit the most popular festival Pálava Vintage in Mikulov (6-8 September). You can also enjoy wine in the vicinity of Prague. In the city of Mělník, Mělník Vintage is celebrated from 20 to 22 September.