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Do you have plans for a vacation? You can find all the information that you can use to prepare your journey here . If you travel for business, or travel abroad on internship, want to emigrate,  or you are just looking for specific information about a country, Voyagerinfo.com has the answer to many questions.

Voyagerinfo.com provides information on language, climate, currency, local holidays, travel documents and visas, vaccinations, diplomatic representations. In addition to this information, you will also find links to sites that provide information, including videos and photos, about World Heritage, local media and loads of other useful information about almost every country in the world. The general countryinformation comes among others from the following sources:
Wikipedia,Wikivoyage,Rijksoverheid,Landen Ambassade,GGD,Google News,Abyznews,Gouden Gids,Flickr,Youtube,Beleven.org,Waarbenjijnu.nl,Protected Planet,en de Werelderfgoederenlijst.

Travel Articles, blogs and travelstories

Voyagerinfo.com also publishes many articles on known and less known destinations. These articles are partially written by its own editors, but can also be provided from collaborating authors or bloggers. Every month a different country is central to our special of the month. To get the specific information that you want click on keywords to search in our database, or just select a geografical  location.


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Voyagerinfo.com is funded by advertising. These ads are also selected through keywords so that only relevant product information is presented to you.

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Reisvraagbaak.nl is, together with the brands Voyagerinfo.comand Reisvraagbaak.be, part of the Dutch corporation ” Coöperatieve Reisvraagbaak U.A “.  Reisvraagbaak is located in Wilnis (The Netherlands) and registered at the Chamber of Commerce Utrecht, filenumber 62970577.