Area: 14,000,000 km²
Capital: Antarctica has only research stations
Population: approximately 1000-5000 scientists

Best time
November, December, January, February and March are the best months to travel to Antarctica. During these months it is summer in Antarctica. This means that it is slightly longer, the apparent temperature is not too low and there are plenty of animals to spot. In addition, Antarctica outside these months are virtually inaccessible because of the ice.


Antarctica there are spoken different languages.
The part of:
Argentina and Chile – Spanish
Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom – English
France – French
Norway – Norwegian

Travel documents
You must have a valid passport.
A visa is not required.

Immunization (vaccination)
For a visit to Antarctica, you do not need vaccinations.

Money and Money
Antarctica there is one ATM. This can be found at McMurdo station in the south of Ross Island.
This is also the only place in Antarctica where a shop is located where you can pay with credit cards or US dollars (USD).

As a tourist you often on a ship and you are not staying on the mainland of Antarctica.

News and newspapers
The latest news regarding Antarctica found on Google news .
A summary of the newspapers from Antarctica, visit Abyznewslinks .

Websites in Antarctica finish on .aq.

Photos and Videos
On Flickr you can find a nice collection of pictures of Antarctica.
On Youtube you will find a nice collection of videos of Antarctica.

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