Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Prague

Do you already know where you’re going to celebrate New Year’s Eve? How about a festive New Year’s party in Prague. From biggest parties to an intimate dinner with fireworks show. In the Czech capital there is something for everyone. A Czech Old and New you celebrate like this:

Visit the cozy Christmas markets

The Christmas markets on the Old Town Square, Wenceslav Square and the Prague Castle will remain until January 6th. This allows you to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the Christmas markets in Prague on New Year’s Eve. Stroll past the stalls and admire the handmade Christmas decorations such as hand painted Christmas balls, wooden toys and Christmas figurines made of straw. Moreover, a Christmas market is the best place to taste the local delicacies. Try gingerbread (pernik), mulled wine (svarene vino), hot punch (punč), roasted chestnuts (kaštany), a fried sausage with mustard and horseradish (klobása s křenem a hořčicí) and finish with a glass of grog, rum mixed with hot water. The most famous Christmas market is the one on the Old Town Square. On this square is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Every year there is a competition called “Hledá se strom” where they look for the highest and most beautiful Christmas tree from the Czech Republic. This year the Christmas tree comes from the Liberec region.

Intimate dining on New Year’s Eve

Prague is, simply put, a paradise for those who love good food. In the centre there are numerous restaurants where you can dine. Many restaurants offer special New Year’s packages, often with a festive touch. You can also choose to dine on the water. Various round trips offer a buffet that is accompanied with live music. The round trips take about 3 hours.

Šťastný nový rok

A Czech Christmas is full of traditions, New Year’s Eve knows none. Some Czechs prefer to stay home with family, while others celebrate New Year’s Eve in the mountains. Young pub crawls are popular where you go from bar to bar. Like a real Czech, drink half a litre of beer or try the Czech liquor Becherovka. Many people will also go to the Old Town Square. Here, music and dance performances are held throughout the day and the whole year is counted down to the new year. To toast you must do with the Czech champagne Bohemia sekt and you want to remember someone a happy new year than the phrase “Šťastný nový rok”. You can party until the late hours. There are various (theme) parties, such as a masked ball or four New Year’s Eve on a party boat.

Hearty lunch and ice skating on New Year’s Day

For many Czechs, January 1 is an important day. It is not only New Year’s Day, but also the day that Czechoslovakia split in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A traditional Czech dish for January 1 is čočka. This is a meal with lentils, pork, pickles and fried egg. Anyone who eats this dish on 1 January will face a healthy new year without financial setbacks. In the traditional Czech restaurants you can order čočka. After this big meal it is time for some exercise. Czechs love ice hockey and in the center of Prague you will find some outdoor skating rinks, such as next to the Estates theatre on the square Ovocný trh and in Letná at the station of Sparta Prague.

A spectacular fireworks show

The official fireworks show in Prague will take place on January 1st at 18:00. This takes about 11 minutes. Every year the show has a different theme. In 2018 there were biggest celebrations for ‘100 years since the founding of Czechoslovakia’ so this theme will also be the focus of the fireworks show. Usually the fireworks are chipped in Letná or on a boat at Letná. A good place to watch the show is from the hill Letná or on the banks of the river at Hotel Intercontinental. Also special is to admire the show from the Charles Bridge.