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Size: 2.1756 million km²
Capital: Nuuk
Population: 56 749 inhabitants (2012)

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Best time
May, June and July are the best months to travel to Greenland. In these months, temperatures are highest and is slightly longer than in the winter months. March and April are the best months for a snow trip to Greenland.

Greenlandic is the official language in Greenland. In addition, there are Danish and English.

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Travel documents
You must have a valid identity card or passport.
A visa is not required.

Immunization (vaccination)
To visit Greenland, you do not need vaccinations.

Money and Money
Greenland is paid by the Danish krone (DKK).

In Greenland you have to drive on the right side of the road.

In Greenland are the same plugs and sockets are used as in the Netherlands.

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Tap water
The tap water is safe to drink.

News and newspapers
The latest news relating to Greenland can be found on Google news .
A summary of the newspapers from Greenland can be found on Abyznewslinks .

Websites in Greenland end up on .gl.
Official websites of Greenland and .

Photos and Videos
On Flickr you can find a nice collection of pictures of Greenland.
On Youtube you will find a nice collection of videos of Greenland.

An overview of all the holidays in Greenland, visit .

Protected areas and World Heritage
An overview of the protected natural areas (such as national parks, reserves and wildlife parks) in Greenland can be found on Protected Planet .
An overview of the World Heritage in Greenland can be found on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

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