Autumn tip: Czech Republic the Třeboň region

South of Prague, about 150 kilometers away and accessible by train and bus, is a pleasant mix of picturesque historic sights and authentic experiences. The South Bohemian town of Třeboň is located in a mysterious water landscape where ancient traditions come to life in autumn and where you can enjoy local gastronomy and fairytale attractions.

Třeboň: Charming and cute

It looks like you are in a gingerbread village. Swaying streets with cobbles, colorfully decorated houses, a chateau surrounded by woods and cute shops and restaurants. With less than 9000 inhabitants, Třeboň is not a big city, but this picturesque town has more to offer than just a photogenic center. Stay a few nights because there is plenty to discover!

The wealth of the Rožmberk family

Třeboň was founded by the Rožmberk family, or the Rosenbergs. This noble family founded an Augustinian monastery here in 1367 and had the Gothic St. Gilles church built. You can still admire both buildings. The famous Třeboň Madonna stands in the church. This original statue dates from the 14th century and was at that time one of the most beautiful statues of Madonna. The Rožmberk family also had a country house that served as a temporary residence. The monuments of the family, which you can recognize by the rose symbol, are everywhere in the Czech Republic. The symbol is even on the coat of arms of Třeboň. The mansion was built in 1366 and the family owned it until 1947. There are four different tours where you can see the Renaissance interior, the private suites, the stables or the tombs. The castle park is a wonderfully quiet place to admire the castle from the outside. For just over one euro you can climb the tower in Třeboň. This lookout tower is connected to the Old Town Hall in the center and is thirty meters high. From the balcony you have a magnificent view over the town and a landscape full of lakes.

Fishing tradition in South Bohemia

The Rožmberk family was also the one who came up with the idea of growing fish in the region. The area was adapted during the Middle Ages and hundreds of fish ponds were created where carp, pike and eels were cultivated. In the vicinity of Třeboň there are now almost 500 fish ponds and in the whole region even more than 6000. Fanciers of fish can throw their rods at various locations. However, a fishing fee is mandatory. It was also in the Middle Ages that people started the tradition of eating carp during Christmas. Carp with potato salad is still the Christmas meal in the Czech Republic. The fish ponds are emptied in the autumn. This is an ancient tradition called “Výlov Rožmberka” and usually takes place in the second weekend of October and attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually. Of the five hundred fish ponds, two hundred are fished empty, all in the traditional way. With boats, nets, sticks and manpower.

Cycling through an idyllic landscape

The Třeboň region is ideal for cycling. The landscape is flat and you can follow dozens of routes along the lakes. In addition to the many water you will find innumerable islands, characteristic marshy areas and special peat soils. Most of the ponds are located in the surroundings of Třeboň, Jindřichův Hradec, České Budějovice and Tábor. Charming places of which the most beautiful is Jindřichův Hradec. This enchanting city is full of monuments, of which the local castle is the highlight.

Local gastronomy

In Třeboň you will see the local dish carp on the menu at each restaurant. For the Czechs this is a Christmas meal, but in Třeboň you can get this all year round. Almost all carp that are sold at Christmas come from the Třeboň region and are known for their excellent quality and taste. The fish farms do everything to keep the quality of the fish water as high as possible. In the city there is even a special canal system where fresh fresh water flows to the ponds. About this unique canal system and the Třeboň fish ponds, one of the biosphere reserves of UNESCO, is an exhibition at the Stepanek Netolicky House Museum.

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