On the road with a caravan

Check before departure

  • Check the tire pressure before driving with the caravan, this often is much higher (2.5 -. 4.0 atm) than the tire of the car (2.0 – 2.5) Refer to the instruction booklet of the caravan. Remember to check the spare wheel as well.
  • Check the pressure on the connectionpoint with the caravan ( The “Ball”) if the excisting pressure is allowed, check this on the registration plate and / or on the supplement sheet at the registration papers. Used to measure the pressure a  pressure scale, these are for sale for a few bucks at any camping shop. Choose for a larger caravan the maximum weight, this will improve the stability.
  • Check the total weight of the caravan in connection of the total weight of the car. Normally the weight of the caravan is not allowed to be more than 80% of the total maximum weight of the car (including cargo). Check this with the manual from the caravan and the car.

Check at the time of departure

  •     Are all caravan or all cabinet doors, sliding doors, drawers, windows, skylights, etc. refrigerator door closed and locked?
  •     Is the connection of the caravan with the car properly locked and are the parking brake and breakaway cable securely attached
  •     Is the nose wheel well secured? Make sure wheel turns freely.
  •     Are steadies completely screwed? Keep the pendulum under the fingertips for you have him at a stop needed again.
  •     Is the 12-volt power plug plugged into the car socket and did you test the lights (including the break lights)?
  •     Did you release the parking brake of the caravan are the extra mirrors on the car in the right position?


Forgetting to take something with you on holidays is annoying and therefore making a checklist is not a bad idea.

Route and cost

Navigation tools can calculate (online) the route on your holiday destination but also the costs (fuel, toll) that come with it.
Some online route planners:

If you have a GPS navigation system at your disposal, make sure that you know how it works, and see that the map of the destination country is installed. Put the address of the site (s) that you are going to visit in the favorites, and possibly install POI files * speed cameras, petrol stations, supermarkets, transit camps and sites.

* In several country’s like Germany, Switzerland and Austria it is not allowed to have POI files from speed cameras in your navigation device. This can possibly easily be solved by means of using two separate SD memory cards, one with and one without speed cameras.


  • Lock all doors leaving the car or the caravan. Do not leave any valuables visible in the car or caravan.
  • Lock the car and caravan when you are having a break and keep them in sight.
  • Do not carry to much cash around, Store your cash in more places, so in the case of theft or robbery you d’ont lose all of it in the same time.
  • Make sure the holiday destination and route are known to relatives or acquaintances. Call if necessary changed data immediately upon arrival by.
  • Make sure you have always access your important data (insurance, medicines, account numbers, etc).