Slovenia; Floating Castle Festival at Snežnik

Snežnik Castle lies in the idyllic surroundings in the midst of the Notranjska region forests, in south of Slovenia. This weekend, the Floating Castle Festival takes place there. Last year, it stunned visitors with spectacular projections onto the castle walls. What will this year’s edition bring?

Floating Castle Festival at Snežnik

This year’s edition of the Floating Castle Festival features as many as 400 performing artists and musicians from 34 countries, be it established international artists or local enthusiasts. One of the most expected moments is definitely the performance of Ethno Histeria World Orchestra, an international music group with 80 performers who keep on surprising audience all around the world with unique spectacle of ethno music from around the world.

What’s special with this festival is its stunning location: the fairy-tale like Snežnik Castle comes to life in a completely new dimension and forms an essential part of the stage performances. Last year, it stunned the visitors with spectacular castle walls projections. Then there is also the local environment and its people that make the whole thing worth visiting: locals enrich the festival with interesting cultural and ethnological contents of Loška dolina, home-made and local food is served and interesting home-made crafts and products are put on display. But it’s not just about music here: get ready for a list of various performances, including puppet shows, circus performances, street theathre, poetry readings, exhibitions, film screenings and various workshops for young and old.


The one central idea behind the festival is of incorporating. It tries to involve people from the local village by setting up performances and workshops in the village itself; it tries to be friendly to children, to the elderly, and to the disabled; it is international and multilingual; it encourages visitors to be involved in the realisation of the festival; and it hosts numerous types of artists and other creative spirits, who bring a variety of art forms and methods and who throughout the whole day and night allow for both mindless as well as thoughtful and reflective entertainment.

An important part of the festival is the make and the design of the atmosphere. It takes place before the official festival starts and is yet still a part of it, as the artists and volunteers gather for a conceptually-minded set-up of the site. Land-art, the usage of in situ materials, and also the already existing “spots”, environment-friendly practices and place-specific allusions are the principles by which the location is manipulated and transformed into the festival grounds.