How does the Netherlands celebrate this year? TUI searched it out. In cooperation with research bureau (part of Sanoma) the travel organization carried out a large-scale survey among more than 2,300 Dutch consumers. Together with the already booked holidays this gives a good insight into the travel trends and destinations for 2019. TUI lists the five most important ones.

The winter period is pre-eminently the time to think about the holidays you want to plan for the coming year. Traditionally with brochures under the Christmas tree and nowadays more often with a laptop or smartphone. TUI sees which destinations are frequently viewed and also booked. But the travel organization also wants to know why people choose a destination or accommodation, which activities are planned and what travelers find important during their vacation. There are five important trends and facts that provide insight into the 2019 holiday plans of Dutch travelers:

1. More often on vacation and making memories together

The Dutch think holidays are important. Of the respondents 89% say they are going to book a holiday and 48% plan to go even more than once. The main reason to go on holiday is to stay in a nice company, to have a feeling of freedom and to experience fun. We prefer to travel with family or travel partner and attach value to good weather and an environment with a beautiful nature. Travelers want to make new memories together, experience and see things. We do not only do this during a longer holiday: 38% also plan a city trip.

2. Quality and vitality

With distance on number one as a reason to go on holiday, is ‘de-stressing’, says 75% of the Dutch. Seeing time for yourself and the natural beauty of the world are other important drivers behind a holiday. Also time for the family (17%) and sportsmanship (14%) are often mentioned reasons. This also fits in with the trend that holidaymakers increasingly opt for good and healthy food and drinks on holiday and that sports on holiday is becoming increasingly important. The holidaymaker is more aware of the importance of vitality and the quality of life and also opts for holidays here. The Dutch most often opt for a sun and beach holiday, but it is striking that 14% plans a walking holiday.

3. Sustainable on holiday increasingly important

Climate effects, care for local people, nature and animals increasingly play a role in our holiday choice. During the holiday, the holiday maker not only pays attention to himself and his traveling party, but also to the local population. 83% believe it is important for an accommodation to take good care of the staff and the local population and 71% think it is important that the holiday contributes positively to the well-being of the local population, both culturally and economically. A third of the respondents choose an accommodation that deals well with people and animals and takes initiatives to reduce the impact on the climate.

4. The favorite destinations of 2019

Dutch people who are orienting themselves on a holiday, the last month googled the most on Curaçao (by distance the number 1), Cape Verde, Winterberg, Mauritius and Zanzibar. Interest (compared to the previous year) grew most strongly for Egypt (+ 25%), Turkey (+ 20%) and Kenya (+ 76%). Search precedes books, but what is actually booked for next summer? Most holidaymakers still opt for a flight holiday within Europe. The top three favorite destinations is:

1. Spain
2. Turkey
3. Greece

And although on spot two, Turkey is still the big winner. With a growth of more than 20% at the moment, Turkey is overtaking Greece and is catching up in number one Spain. Spain provides some holidaymakers and in addition to Turkey, especially Egypt and Macedonia benefit from growth figures.

The distant travel top three is as follows:

1. Curaçao
2. America
3. Cape Verde islands

Curaçao wins it as the island of America, where Florida and New York mainly score, and the islands of Cape Verde. Mexico runs into this leading group of three. Newcomer we keep an eye on is Kenya, often in combination with the beach of Zanzibar.

Dutch people who already booked their car holiday, choose Italy, followed by Austria and France, closely followed by a rapidly growing number four; Denmark. In the high season weeks, Austria is showing strong growth. Austria in the summer is a walking holiday country par excellence, a trend that also showed the research.

5. The bucket list of the Netherlands
If time and money do not play a role, three-quarters of the Dutch have big dreams on their ‘bucket list’. The answers range from one day flying in a helicopter to six years sailing around the world. 70% have a concrete idea about the dream holiday, 14% do not have such a holiday on the ‘bucket list’ and 16% do not know. The dream vacations that occurred most often go to America (16%), Australia (11%), New Zealand and Japan. We want to see as much nature and / or culture as possible. Preferably by arranging hotels in various places, participating in a tour or touring with a camper, but always “with a bit of luxury like”. The majority would like to make such a trip with the partner. And where the ‘normal’ holiday has an ideal duration of 14 days, 44% say that the dream holiday may take a month.