Travel trends 2016

Travel trends 2016

We made a list of the new holiday trends for 2016. The trend that consumers make more frequent, but shorter trips is booming. Their holiday are more personalized. Consumers spend more money on new experiences than on material things, so there are opportunities for the travel industry. The experience is central and the “experiential travel” therefore reigns supreme. Blind breaks introduce people to destinations that are not known in advance and a holiday must be healthy so Healthy trips are emerging. The trend “Connect with Locals” builds on the curiosity for small-scale experiences with the locals. Fathers have an important role in family life so the Hipster dad starts traveling with his children. Foodcations revolve around discovering and tasting of local products, preferable with the locals. Outdoor is extreme: we continue to push our physical limits. Solo traveling not only for singles and under-the-radar destinations such as Mozambique are emerging. The millennial is an influencer. Finally #braggie will replace the #selfie for where you are traveling and what you do says something about you as a person.

1. Blind breaks

A blind break is a holiday that you book without knowing the destination. The surprise travel stem from the “experiential travel”: setout with the aim of getting out of your comfort zone. In 2015, we will see the blind break in the (fixed) range from a growing number of travel suppliers. For example, KLM introduced the Monday Mystery Tickets for € 99, ​​-, with which you could fly every week to five secret cities for three weeks. The website is going for spontaneity and has themes such as ‘city tripping’, ‘broke’, ‘manly’ and ‘girls only’. This way you can still choose a theme, but otherwise everything is kept secret until you are at the airport. Germanwings is also a provider of mystery tickets in conjunction with themes. For example, you fly to Manchester, Berlin or Vienna if you choose the ‘gay-friendly’ theme. A blind break for the family? Book Mystery Park at Center Parcs where you can choose from a weekend, midweek or week stay.

2. Connect with Locals

Following the do as the locals do’ trend from 2015 we want to stay more than just a local. We want to contribute to local communities and search for authentic experiences by immersing ourselves intheir lifestyle. We do this by cycling along with locals, sports, learn their crafts, attend religious ceremonies or to follow a cooking workshopExamples of Dutch platforms designed to respond to this need by bringing travelers and locals in contact with each other Better PlacesI Like Local, WithlocalsDoozzeTravelMoodz and Sleeping with the Locals.

3. Foodcations

After the success of various social travel initiativesCherrypicker is spotting the growing role of food and drink within this peer-to-peer way of travelling. In 2015 the eating and dining’ apps and websiteswill predominate. EatWithBookalokal and Feastly first initiatives in which you join a community and Airbnb is not far behind with a ‘home dining pilot project’ in San Francisco: You pick a local address to cook, eat and share experiencesThis not only reflects the trend that we want to be part of a particular culturebut also the so-called food tourism trend in which the local cuisine will play an increasingly important role in the choice of destinationsThe point of food tourism is that it is more than good food and drink on vacation. It’s about the whole experience of preparing and / or taste local dishes with the locals which makes for fraternization.

4. Outdoor becomes extreem

Cherry Picker expects that the need for excitement, challenge and perhaps even a little anxiety during the holidays will grow in the coming yearThe motto “everything is possible” and the need forpushing physical boundaries will be unequaled in 2015 in the field of travel. Physical challenges on vacation, in whatever formare gaining ground against the lazy holiday. On the polar expedition in therough nature, volunteering with wildlife or sealife, swimming with crocodiles in a Cage of Death‘ in Australia or mountain climbing with overnight stays in mountain hutsnoting is impossible.

5. Under-the-radar destinations

As we increasingly travel the world, it becomes smaller. In 2016, seasoned travelers discover destinations which are not yet known to the majority of the world population. We travel to so-called under-the-radar destinationsInterest in less prominent or unknown destinations such as UgandaSlovenia, Mozambique, IcelandBudapestSouth KoreaTaiwan and Bilbao, Spain grows. For many travelers, the idea that you initially would not visit is the reason to go.

6. Healthy trips

Being fit is a goal in life for many, even on vacationHealthy trips come in all shapes and sizes: from vacations that focus on physical health, such as weight-loss campsyoga trips to Bali and travel to New York to run the marathon, to initiatives in the field of mental healthIn Sweden, for instance, there are taxis that offer psychological back-seat therapy sessions‘ during the ride. Healthy food initiativesextend to the travel industry. For example Whole Foods introduces a health resort and airline Virgin America offers a ‘protein box’ as healthy airplane food.

7. Millennians as the new influencers

Meet the new influencers as tour guides, the millennialsThis group  born from the mid-eighties to the first decade after 2000  are a strong part of the peer-to-peer society and searches and share travelinspiration through online platforms, review sites and social media. Once on vacation, they frequently use their smartphone or tablet to find the way and best hotspots and share. This travel-lovinggeneration – also called Generation Y – preferably go on vacation four or five times a year, but are demanding value for moneyInspiration is the main ingredient of their journey. They like to take homeexperiences to share both offline and online with others.

8. Hipster dad is travelling

The hipster dad, according Cherrypicker, is advancing because fathers play in increasingly important role in the family. More men decide (like their predecessors mostly female) to work part-time and have a so-called daddy-day. Where previously especially mothers ventured out with their kidship fathers are now taking their turn. A short ski break ‘in the snow’ or a visit to Disneyland ParisIt is now dad while Mom generates the income and manages the home.

9. Solo traveling

Cherry Picker is spotting the growth trend in the solo travelingIt is not only the growing group of singles that choose for a holiday aloneMore and more people see the benefits of going on a trip alone.Travel company SITA World Tours is detecting an increase in bookings of solo traveling of nearly 64% between 2011 to 2014. It is notable that over 70% of all travelers are so-called ‘female baby boomers‘.They choose in particular for exotic destinations or cultural holidaysThough they are going on a journey alone, the goal is often to meet new people and gain experience. Those that do not want to sleepalone and/or want to share the cost of a room, are looking for other solo travelers on, for

10. #Braggie

Cherry Picker expects the #selfie will give way in 2016 to the #braggiea photo that you share through social media immediately upon arrival at your paradise (and enviabledestination, to brag. The figures of the WTM Global Trends Report 2014 speak for themselvesevery day there are worldwide about 750 million images posted on Facebook and sent via WhatsApp, mostly by travelers. More andmore hotels and other accommodations are responding by giving rewards to those who share their experiences through social media. Kimpton Hotels, for example, rewards credits for the minibar or an upgrade. The Marriott International has a Points Plus program for the person placing the quickest #braggie.

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