Turkey: Active exploration on the Aegean coast with Hillside-Outside

The Aegean coast is a fantastic piece of nature that most of us hardly know or do not know. And that is a shame, because it is enchantingly beautiful and there is a lot to discover. For Hillside Beach Club guests there is no better way to do that than with Hillside-Outside: an active and adventurous way to discover the beauty of the Aegean coast with the whole family.

Hillside Beach Club organizes excursions for the guests around the hotel, where you will learn about the turquoise sea, the green mountains and the fascinating history of the region. With Hillside-Outside you can walk or cycle past impressive gorges, discover breathtaking bays by boat and explore nature on a jeep safari. Hillside-Outside offers the whole family an unseen adventure that parents and children will remember for a long time and with great enthusiasm.

Discover the unique nature and local culture
Walking or cycling tours with experienced guides will take you past some of the pearls of Turkish history. For example, there is the picturesque ghost village of Levissi in Kayaköy where various religions have lived together peacefully since the 14th century. Until in 1923, as a result of the peace treaty after WWI, a ‘people exchange’ was organized and the Christians of Levissi had to move to Greece. The village today has ruins of 900 houses and 15 churches. On your way to Levissi you stop for a traditional breakfast with filled Turkish bread.

Those who enjoy nature walks can follow the hiking trails in Kayaköy to the ruins of Afkule, a monastery that was carved into a cliff by monks in the 18th century. On the way, you enjoy the intoxicating scent of sage, oregano and wild thyme and accompanied by the cheerful jingle of goat bells, discover unspoilt nature full of beautiful flowers, birds and animals. A walking tour in Cadianda will take you back to the fifth century BC. Gigantic defensive walls built by cyclops, an amphitheater, tombs, majestic temples, the large market square are just a few attractions that testify to the importance and prestige of this region in Antiquity.

Those who like to be more adventurous can go completely off-road with Hillside-Outside. Fethiye is the ideal region for those who like to deviate from the beaten track. This is possible on foot, but also with the bicycle or with the jeep. Hillside Beach Club organizes moutainbike tours from 2 to 4 hours, which allow you to discover the region in a unique way. The jeep safaris take you to the foot of the Taurus Mountains. You will discover in beautiful nature with the Anatolian nomads and their age-old authentic way of life.

Enjoying the sea

The boat trips organized by the Hillside Beach Club are completely dedicated to enjoyment. You can make a private tour along the twelve islands in this region or you can sail with the fixed boat trips, which are organized several times a week, to various destinations along the coast. You enjoy the sun and the peace, or you take a refreshing dip in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. Along the way you sail past the fairytale bays like Fethiye or Göcek.

A paradise for water sports enthusiasts

Anyone who has not had enough of water afterwards will be pampered at Hillside Beach Club. The hotel is after all a real paradise for water sports enthusiasts. It not only offers accommodation to the first official school for water skiing and wakeboarding in Turkey, it has also hosted the world championships of both sports. You can practice and learn all forms of water skiing and boarding here. In addition, you can (learn to) sail and surf, and together with your children you can take theoretical and practical diving lessons and obtain your diving license.

After the adventure: gastronomy

Of all that action you will of course get giant hunger. And that is good, because recently Hillside Beach Club on the Dutch review site Zoover with an average score of 9.9 out of 10 was voted the hotel with the tastiest food in the whole of Turkey. Young and old enjoy the quality and variety of richly stocked and catered buffets, with attention to health and special diets. It is a nice recognition for the efforts Hillside Beach Club is doing for its guests and for their ‘Festival of foods’. Because that is food in this hotel: a festive festival of flavors. With its beautiful location, varied activities and well-kept gastronomy, Hillside Beach Club could well be the best hotel on the Aegean coast or even Turkey. No better place imaginable to have an unforgettable dream holiday with the whole family.

ABOUT Hillside Beach Club

The Hillside Beach Club 5-star resort, run by Alarko Tourism Group, has been hosting guests in Kalemya Bay since 1992, surrounded by pine forests on the Aegean coast, 4km from Fethiye. Hillside Beach Club is approximately 55 km (1 hour drive) from Dalaman airport in Turkey.

The setting guarantees a relaxing stay in harmony with the untouched nature. The 330 rooms, in terrace construction against the green hill, have all the modern comfort and fantastic views. There are three beaches, two of which are reserved for adults. Three restaurants offer one of the best hotel kitchens in Turkey. Guests stay in full board with drinks with meals. The club offers many activities and relaxation opportunities for families. In addition to a world class water sports center, there are tennis, volleyball and various workshops. There are two spas, which offer relaxing activities in addition to treatments and facilities.

The resort is known for providing the best hotel service in Turkey, with 99% satisfied customers and 68% repeat customers. Hillside Beach Club’s success story was the subject of a case study for marketing students at Harvard Business School, one of the world’s leading universities, named “Delivering the Ultimate Family Vacation in the Mediterranean.”