Zadar: historic center, azure blue sea and a lively nightlife

Transavia flies from 2019 to coastal town in Croatia – Tickets can be booked now

The last days of this year are the time for many Dutch people to think about the holiday of 2019. Have you ever thought of Zadar? This charming coastal town in Croatia is now closer than ever. In the coming year, Transavia will fly from Rotterdam The Hague Airport every Wednesday and Saturday to this magnificent summer destination. The sunset here is one of the most famous in the world.

Slowly but surely, more and more Dutch people are discovering Croatia as a holiday destination. And that is not surprising. In terms of temperatures you can compare this destination with the French Riviera and the prices are on average much lower than in the Netherlands. Especially the area along the Adriatic coast is in demand. Here you will find beautiful beaches, a jumble of islets and romantic harbor pictures. In and around Zadar all these aspects come together. The city is a mix of Mediterranean cosiness and the raw touch that you can expect from a Balkan destination.

Rich culture

The more than 3000 years old history of Zadar has many different influences. The Romans have been here. Like the Byzantines, the Venetians, Ottomans, Hungarians and Italians. All these influences can still be seen today in the historic buildings in the center. Like the famous St. Donat Church, for example, built in the 9th century and a beautiful example of Byzantine architecture. The Roman city square is almost 2000 years old and you can even see some remnants of ancient temples here. In the many narrow, winding alleys it is also wonderful to get lost.

Going out

To sleep? That is what many people in Zadar prefer to do. Logical, because in the old center you do not just stumble across the terraces, you will also find plenty of places where you can relax in the evening and at night. Grab one of the cozy cafes or step into a trendy nightclub. You will notice how easy it is to make new contacts, with other holidaymakers and locals. The inhabitants of Zadar love a bit of fun.

Famous sunset

What is certainly not allowed to remain unmentioned is the sunset in Zadar. When the famous British director Alfred Hitchcock visits the city in 1964, he records from his hotel room with a camera how the sun drops into the sea. He calls the sunset the most beautiful he has ever seen. But that is not the only spectacle that takes place here in the water. Anyone who walks on the Riva Nova boulevard can not ignore the Sea Organ. A modern musical work of art in which waves ensure that the melody constantly changes. A must-visit is also the Sun salutation. A large circle in the sea with no less than 300 solar cells. After undergoing the sun, the glass tiles provide a beautiful luminous spectacle.

Bright white beaches

The sea and the sand are never far away in Zadar. From the old city center to the Kolovarestrand is a few minutes walk. From the harbor you can take your own boat or an excursion to the water, on the way to one of the almost 90 islands off the coast. The Kornati archipelago was declared a national park in 1980. They are all small paradises, often with white beaches and an azure blue sea. The water here is usually shallow and therefore suitable for small children. You can sail, swim, dive and snorkel. And, perhaps most importantly, enjoy the peace.


Tickets available

A few days to Zadar is more than worth the effort. The summer schedule of Transavia starts on 1 April of the following year and lasts until 31 October. The first flight from Rotterdam The Hague Airport to Zadar is scheduled for Wednesday 3 April. Tickets are already available from 39 euros each way.